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Why Do Liberal Comedians Only Make Fun Of Hinduism?

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Recently, the controversy over comic Surleen Kaur's jokes about ISCKON highlights a very interesting issue of the hypocrisy of these comics: Woke, liberal comedians usually only tend to joke about Hinduism and Hindu Gurus. From any liberal comic trying to make a name for themselves to "Revolutionary" comics like Kunal Kamra and Varun Grover, Hinduism seems to be fair game.
But for some reason, the same comics who feel free to joke about Hinduism fail to utter any jokes about Islam, and Islam's prophet or religious ideology. Kunal Kamra would rather attack comedy YouTubers like Carryminati than question Islamic ideology. Why?
In today's video, I discuss this hypocrisy, as well as why I despite my feeling about these comics, I support their right to free speech. Questioning/critiquing religions should 100% be part of one's free speech in a free society.
#kunalkamra #surleenkaur #hinduphobia
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