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What We Got for Christmas 2020 | Brooklyn and Bailey

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You guys! We are back today with our "What We Got for Christmas" video for this year! From Life Cereal and Sparkling Cider (every year) to an Apple Watch, we are here to tell you what we got and from whom, and which gifts were our absolute favorites. (All gifts were a combination of Christmas AND our birthdays, which are this week.) What did y'all get for Christmas?

You can find all of the items that we showed you in this video through the affiliate links below!

* Apple Watch:
* Kate Spade Bag:
* Embers of Memory:
* Billie Razor:
* Brown Wide-Brimmed Hat:
* Stoneware & Matte Clay Wax Warmer:
* Jumbo Cooker Saute Pan:
* Knife Block Set:
* Pancake Flipper:
* Forever 21 Jacket:
* “Wash Me” Laundry Bag:
* Portable Speaker:
* Portable Charger: (no link)
* Soft Silicone Shower Brush:
* Face Wash:
* Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock:
* LEGO Minifigs:
* Apple USB-C 20W Power Adaptor:
* Perilogics Travel Phone Holder:
* Adventure Book from Asa - (no link)
* 10 Reasons Why I Love You - From Brooks - (no link)
* Life Cereal:
* Martinelli's Sparkling Cider:
* Kemp’s Brownie S’more Ice Cream:
* Butterscotch See's Suckers:
* USB to USB-C Charging Cord:
* Orbit Gum:

Don't forget to tell us what you got for Christmas this year in the comments below! Happy New Year to y'all, and we'll see you NEXT WEEK!

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