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[Webinar] Xray Test Management - Product Walkthrough for Jira Server/DC

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Detailed overview about Xray, our Test Management tool for Jira Server/DC and how to:
- Configure the coverable issues ( user stories, requirements)
- Create and Execute manual and automated Tests
- Create a Pre-Condition and associate it with a Test
- Organize Tests using lists (Test Sets) or hierarchically using folders in the Test Repository
- Create a Test Plan and create multiple Test Executions
- Go over the possibilities of reporting and Gadgets that Xray - offers
- Explain the tight integration with Xporter, eazyBI, Structure and other apps

To start a FREE TRIAL:
For more info check our website:
Find the latest releases and documentation here: +New

*Webinar recorded on March 6th, 2019

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