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These Are The Most Paused '90s Movie Moments

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Sometimes, no matter how great the rest of the movie is, there's that one moment you just keep coming back to. We're covering the biggest pause-worthy moments in 1990s filmmaking — the funny, the sexy, and the downright embarrassing.

The classic 1999 science fiction film The Matrix tells the story of a group of people who one day realize that the world they live in is a simulation, which they then seek to break free from. Funny enough, a similar thing happened to a small percentage of viewers during a certain scene in the film, when a small production error gave them an unexpected reminder that the film they were watching was itself also a simulation.

The moment comes when two of our heroes, Morpheus and Neo, are going to visit the sage-like figure known as the Oracle. As they stand in the hallway outside the door to her apartment, there's a gorgeously composed insert shot of Neo's hand reaching out to grab the reflective metal doorknob. However, in addition to reflecting Neo and Morpheus, the doorknob is also reflecting the camera lens. It's the sort of thing that you probably won't notice the first few times you watch the film, but once you see it, you can't unsee it.

That being said, the production team appears to have come up with a pretty ingenious solution to hide as much of the camera as possible. They've covered it with a replica of Morpheus' outfit, complete with his tie, and they've placed the camera such a way that it somewhat blends into Morpheus' torso just behind it. To be honest, unlike some production "goofs," we're genuinely impressed by this bit of old-school movie-making ingenuity.

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