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The real problem for Indigenous Australians is 'the family violence epidemic'

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CIS Indigenous Research Director Jacinta Price says if Australia attempted to tackle the issue of Indigenous incarceration "properly, once and for all" instead of changing targets, "we'd see a huge reduction" in those being incarcerated.

"For a long time, our focus has been in the wrong direction in attempting to address this particular issue," she said.

"The research is there that indicates the number one reason we have such high rates of incarceration of indigenous Australians is due to the family violence issues.

"If we don't address this issue head-on, then we're not going to see a reduction of incarcerations, and then, of course, we're not going to see a reduction in terms of deaths in custody."

Ms Price said at some point Indigenous Australians needed to take responsibility for the situations they were faced with.

"It is our families and our communities that are faced with this violence within our own communities. It is our family members committing crimes," she said.

"I don't know why many of our leaders and those arguing - even though the royal commission found no systemic racism - they are still trying to claim this is the problem."

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