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The Prophet - The Miracle (Official Videoclip)

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This is the official Hardstyle video of 'The Miracle' by The Prophet, released on Scantraxx.
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Surprises are always ensured when Scantraxx kingpin The Prophet brings out a new tune. From high-tempo Hardcore bangers like “Wanna Play?” to “Get Dumb!”, catchy, accessible Hardstyle pleasers like “Outta Control” and “Wasteland” with KELTEK, all the way up to versatile Freestyle-inspired releases like “Fiyaaah!” with Dutch Movement – whatever style appeals to you, The Prophet is at your service!

Let us tell you that The Prophet’s latest solo “The Miracle” doesn’t fall short of the high quality you all know and love. The track features motivating vocals mixed together with variations of kicks and a powerful and potent melody.

Video by: Gergo Szabo and Cinematik

One universe
Four forces
Billions of galaxies
How does it all fit together?
Is there a single, overarching design, to the cosmos?
And if we find it, will we glimpse the mind of god
The highest power is the human mind
So if you want to see a miracle;

#Scantraxx #WeCreateMemories #TheProphet #TheMiracle

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