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The Outbreak - Game promo video

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The Outbreak Promo video, The Outbreak is a free online survival strategy game in a post apocalyptic setting. After the outbreak of an aggressive virus and most of the world population killed you act as mayor of a town. Survive, build, trade, negotiate and compete with other players.


Latest update 1-08-2019
---- General ----
- Layout of emails from the game have been updated to make them more readable.
- Now every player active in a round, receives a email notification when the round is reset and open for signup again.
- You can now change your email adres within the account settings page.

--- Regional events ----
- All regional events have been updated and the code revised, expect them to have more impact as they happen.
- When a regional event occurs to your town, you will now receive a ingame report message with the result to your town, instead of a single town event notice.
- Added some new regional events.
- Some regional events now only apply to lower or higher ranking towns or rely on other factors to occur to your town like town hapiness.
- Added images for every special event.

------ Protection rules ------
- We have made a general change in the protection rules:
- When in a beginner or normal area you can attack any town, except for towns 30% points below your points (so the point protection limit now only goes downwards).
- When a player attacks a town bigger then 30% of its points, higher ranked town can attack this town for 24 hours before it comes under protection again.
- In this case, if the player is attacked and suffers a defeat is will be under protection again, unless this town attacks again, the protection will again be lost.

---- Force readiness ----
- Overview of force readiness added in the inventory screen.
- HQ now only gives 1 extra force readiness each level instead of 2.

--- Special operations ---
- Overview of operation energy added in the inventory screen.

--- Bug fixes ---
- Bug fixed where fuel transport cost from acres was calculated incorrectly
- Bug fixed where wood cost from biosmass plants was calculated incorrectly
- Bug fixed where you still received fuel from refineries while you have no power. Power is now first added and deducted before other resources are calculated.

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