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The mberry Miracle Berry taste test!

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We put the amazing Miracle Berry plant tablets to the test. Vat19 tries some of the most sour and bitter foods on the planet with the help of the incredible mberry tablet.

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Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets cause sour, bitter, and acidic foods to taste sweet. After allowing one of the all-natural tablets to dissolve on your tongue, you will enjoy food and drinks like you've never experienced them before.

Made from the berries of the miracle fruit plant, Miracle Fruit Tablets are 100% safe, 100% legal, and 100% awesome. Lemons become sweet lemonade, vinegar takes on the flavor of apple juice, and strawberries magically transform into powdered sugar.

Each set includes ten Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets. Please note that the intensity and duration of effect varies by the individual.


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