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THE FUTURE OF PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: What happens now? (Discussion) - PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

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THE FUTURE OF PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: What happens now? (Discussion) - PvZ: Battle for Neighborville


Today we are gonna be discussing the future of Plants vs Zombies!

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Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville (PvZBFN) is the latest edition to the PvZ franchise and was released on the 18th of October 2019.

From the very first mobile game, to garden warfare to battle for neighborville I have loved the Plants vs Zombies franchise. I think mostly it's the wacky and strange universe that allows the most crazy ideas to just fit. Who'd have thought that having garden plants battling against a zombie horde could be such an amazing experience. I also love how inventive Popcap have been throughout their games, always trying something new! I think the PvZ franchise has a big focus on the player base and allowing them to just have fun and feel like a kid again.

I am very excited to be bringing this game to the channel! Prepare for laughs, silly voices and whole load of garden/graveyard action!!! :D Enjoy!

Purchase Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville here:


Except that a crazy new coniferous conflict between brain-less and botanicals is brewing! What are you gonna do – call the crops? Soil your plants? Prepare to kick some grass in a plant-on-zombie conflict that will take you to the outer edges of Neighborville and back again.


Go All Out in Online Multiplayer - Jump into the fray with up to 24 players in online multiplayer across a gigantic suburban skirmish. Bring the unique abilities of each character class to 6 PvP modes–including the new Battle Arena–and experience the unbeleafable thrills of combat.

Venture to the Outer Edges of Neighborville - The tension across the terra has expanded with free-roam regions that extend beyond the town of Neighborville. Squad up with up to 3 friends in the Giddy Park social region and take back Weirding Woods, Mount Steep and Neighborville Town Centre. It’s grow time!

Customize Every Character for Battle - Join the newest bloom in the age-old battle between plants and zombies with 20 fully customizable classes at launch, including a Team Play class for each faction. Deck every character out with ludicrous looks and wacky weapons that show off your unique personality.

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