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The Battle That Finally Pushed BARISS OFFEE To the DARK SIDE - Star Wars

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As the Clone Wars began to draw to a close and the Jedi were falling deeper and deeper into corruption in order to stay on top of the separatists, many Jedi began to feel that the Order had begun to lose their way. This of course included one of the Jedi’s greatest healers, Barriss Offee. Barriss Offee became so upset and disgusted at what the Jedi were doing that she horrifically attacked the Jedi temple, and framed her best friend, Ahsoka Tano for it, leading to her being expelled from the Jedi Order.

But which battle finally caused Barriss to turn to the Dark Side and forever turn away from the Jedi path? Lets find out…

So the story begins in the war torn and sacred world of Phorose, deep in the Colonies region of the Galaxy.

Phorose was home to many ancient temples and sacred locations very important to the Republic, but just like many of the other planets of the galaxy, it soon came under harsh attack by General Grievous and his separatist forces.

As the invasion began on the surface, Jedi General Plo Koon, along with his good friend Ahsoka Tano, and Barriss Offee were sent to repeat the advances of the battle droid forces.

Master Plo is dropped straight down to the surface of the planet with his Clone Troopers, but Barriss and Ahsoka are left on the gunship, hovering above and writing for the perfect moment to strike.

Eventually, the two Jedi ignite their lightsabers and leap from their gunship, onto a droid tank Below. A single B-1 battle droid is terrified when he sees the two Jedi girls leap down and he screams out to his droid brothers, but Barris cleanly slices his head off, while Ahsoka chops the cannon off the front of the tank.

Following this, the battle droids seem to have their programming modified by their commander, and Ahsoka voices her concerns about this to Barris, believing that the Battle droids have had a maniac mode activated by Count Dooku or general grievousness. Barriss agrees that they do seem far more accurate and much more motivated to push forward compared to other battle droids, but quickly warns Ahsoka that they need to find cover.

As the two Jedi move to a nearby corner, they are very quickly corned by a large pack of Droidekas, which Ahsoka knows is far too many and will very quickly overwhelm them. Barris however suggests that they leap up to a nearby ledge as Droidkeas rarely ever think to look up.

Ahsoka and barriss then continue rushing through the charred and smouldering rubble, with Ahsoka complimenting her friend, but warning her that there are far more droids now coming for them. This worries Barriss even further as she knows that the way this battle is going, there won’t be much left of this city to defend themselves with. Barriss is completely disgusted that a whole city on this sacred planet is being destroyed for a war she believes is completely pointless and against the Jedi code.

Following this, things get even worse for the two Jedi as a swarm of separatist Tri-fighters immediately rush in and open fire at their location, detonating a massive blast behind them. This blast then tears a massive hole into the ground and sends the two Jedi plummeting down, deep below the surface until they eventually land in the brightly lit catacombs of the ancient city.

Barriss immediately moves over to see if Ahsoka is ok, but she has unfortunately hit her head, leaving her vision spinning. Luckily however, her injuries are only temporary and the two quicky begin moving forward. Ahsoka is then relieved that the two are out of line of fire for the droids, but knows that they must get moving immediately if they want to have any chance of saving the city from total destruction.

The two Jedi Padawans then begin desperately searching for a route back to the surface, but Ahoska notes that these tunnels don’t look like any natural rock formation that she’s ever seen. Barriss agrees with this and very quickly realizes that there are no tunnels. There are burrows. Something is alive down here.

Ahsoka hopes to the force that whatever these creatures are are more friendly to the public to the separatists, and very soon after, Barriss connects deeply with the force and immediately senses something not far ahead. Ahsoka can’t feel this mysterious presence in the force as much, but instead feels a complete stillness, just like the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

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