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The battle begins between two brothers | A Soldier's Heart Recap

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A Soldier's Heart: Week 21 Recap - Part 1
A Soldier's Heart: September 7 - September 9

Afraid to lose another loved one while still mourning her husband's untimely demise, Minda (Mickey Ferriols) begs Alex (Gerald Anderson) to prioritize his safety and come back alive from his mission. Before he leaves, Alex gets the chance to speak with Yazmin (Irma Adlawan). Hoping to assuage his biological mother's worries, Alex promises to remember his ties with Saal (Sid Lucero) despite their differences. Later, Alex explodes with rage when he encounters Fonti (Nor Domingo). After dividing themselves into four teams surrounding the insurgents' encampment from different directions, the soldiers put their lives on the line as they attempt to make their way toward their enemies' lair. Following the grenade blast that nearly wiped out Team Charlie, Alex (Gerald Anderson) decides to back Team Alpha up after learning about Elmer (Vin Abrenica) and his team's current situation. Michael (Nash Aguas), meanwhile, places himself at risk to help Lourd (Sue Ramirez) locate their invisible enemy. Soon after, Raul (Mon Confiado) comes up with a plan to lure Saal (Sid Lucero) and the insurgent forces out of their encampment.

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Recap Cast:
Gerald Anderson (Pfc. Alexander "Alex" Marasigan, Hakeem Alhuraji) / Carlo Aquino (Pfc. Abraham "Abe" Kamlun, Ariz Mamintua) / Elmo Magalona (1st Lt. Jethro Mondejar) / Vin Abrenica (1st Lt. Elmer Marasigan) / Yves Flores (2nd Lt. Benjamin "Benjie" Arguelles) / Jerome Ponce (Pfc. Philip "Phil" Panganiban) / Nash Aguas (Pfc. Michael "Striker" Mendoza) / Sid Lucero (Saal Alhuraji, Abdul Waajid) / Nor Domingo (Col. Virgilio "Fonti" Fontiveros) / Mickey Ferriols (Minda Marasigan) / Irma Adlawan (Yazmin Alhuraji, Amara) / Nikki Valdez (Fatima Alhuraji) / Acey Aguilar (Pfc. Cornejo) / Royce Cabrera (Pfc. Andy Alfonso) / Charlie Dizon (Isabel Gezali) / Francis Magundayao (Amir Majul, Ismael) / Shaira Opsimar (Aaliyah) / Sandino Martin (Paco)

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