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''The Antagonist'' 100% (XXL Demon) by Mulpan | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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An amazing bossfight level by Mulpan, this level is very resemblant of Against The God by 1374, the design for the bosses as well as their attacks look great fitting in nicely with the theme and color pallette of the level, even though they're taken from another game, the animations are really smooth, especially for the dragon at 1:00, the wings and it's limbs move in a realistic way. The second boss at 2:28 is basically a giant demon goat head, it's design is cool, having a lot of detail on its face and horns, it's movements are much more simple, floating around in sync with the music, and it's attacks are different and add another layer of difficulty to the level, since it requires a bit of memorization.

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