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Swat 3 TGOTY (Mods): Night Before Christmas

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Too late to publish this video on a Christmas day, oh well.

Difficulty: Hard (Edited only so officer ai have lower stress levels. Higher stress levels make the ai act stupid in comparison)
Officer AI: 20 ms
Suspect AI: 20 ms

Note: Higher ms means smarter decisions. I've seen a few people think that less ms means better ai, but that's not true. Modern computers can process millions if not billions of instructions in just one second, so even a loss of a split second could lose a thousand instructions for ai decision making. 20 ms (1/50th of a second) vs 1 ms (1/1000th of a second) is practically the same reaction time, and i've never seen the ai outshoot anyone just from the discrepancy of several ms.

Mods used:
- Enhancements (edited the file so the Swat officers clear rooms tactically without a rush. Tutorial on how to do that: )
- Boggy_YYs Realistic Armour Mod
- XRTRT - Officer Movement
- Tactical Kneeling mod Version
- Swat LAPD
- Last Resort

Console commands used:
-handsup (Allows me to see my weapon like a modern FPS)

Last Resort:
Map & Other Mods:

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