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StoreXplore #013 - C-A-L Ranch Prescott, AZ - Former Big Kmart Store #7313 [Re-Edited]

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StoreXplore #013 - C-A-L Ranch Prescott, AZ - Former Big Kmart Store #7313 [Re-Edited]

Short video recorded in September 2020 touring the outside and some of the inside of C-A-L Ranch in Prescott, AZ. Store was very busy so I tried to record only aisles that didnt have customers, but didn't obtain much footage unfortunately.

Store is very cool to say the least. If you are looking for an alternative to Tractor Supply or just want a larger selection of items, this would be your best bet. Being that this is a former Kmart building that closed in 2009, it still has much of the same architecture we all have come to know and love with our Kmarts. Same lighting, ceiling vents, the entrance door frames had that same Kmart look and it looks like many of the shelves and fixtures were probably former kmart items as well.

Big thank you to the individuals that made the old photos of former Kmart Store #7313 available online so I could incorporate into this video.

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