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STAR TREK: Picard Episode 8 Breakdown + Ending Explained | Spoiler Review & Episode 9 Predictions

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STAR TREK: Picard Episode 8 Breakdown + Ending Explained | Spoiler Review & Episode 9 Predictions. We break down the latest episode of Picard on CBS and talk about where things could be heading in the future.

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Picard Episode 8 Recap
Ok so like all Picard episodes, Broken Pieces opens 14 years ago with the Zack Vash group. Oh is leading a ceremony and she is joined by Narissa and her aunty who we learn was the woman that Soji encountered on the cube.

This ritual is designed to send those that go through it mad but those that last will gain an ancient wisdom from it.

Narissa is the only one that made it through and we discover that the Borg cube became broken because they tried to assimilate her aunty who’s mind shut down the station. As we learned earlier in the season she was on the last ship to be assimilated and thus the cube became the artifact.

In Hugh’s office, Elnor is hiding out but he has been tracked by the Romulan soldiers and they confront him. After sending the Fenrir SOS last week, 7 of 9 shows up and rescues him.

Aboard La Sirena Picard and Soji have a moment that is a bit like the lady in red one from Dodgeball and Raffi confronts Picard over the fact that Agnes was a mole. Raffi for some reasons suspect Soji of being this too and honestly I felt like this moment was quite poorly handled. From last week the set up made it seem like due to Raffi being suspected of being the mole that Rios may end up trying to kill her. He had a thing going on with Agnes an never learned the truth from her so it did seem like it would add a lot to this episode. However, the tension is stripped away here and completely glossed over.

There’s no real conflict from it and after asserting that they think she killed Bruce Maddox the plot comes to a standstill with Picard and co trying to learn what’s going on.

Later in the episode Picard confronts Agnes over it and quickly he discovers that she did kill Maddox and that she betrayed them. As theorised Agnes did it because she learned the secret of the Zack Vash and the secret which is said to send those mad that learn it sent her over the deepend.

Agnes has witnessed the apocalypse, hell and she brought retribution to Maddox for his melding of synth and organic. The destroyer is coming and it will end all life. Yikes.

Agnes does change her mind upon meeting Soji and this shows that there are hope for those that have been brainwashed.

Raffi goes about the ship trying to find out how a unique star system was formed but her running into different holograms all with different accents felt a bit like a sketch show. I get that she is getting closer to uncovering the truth behind the Romulan conspiracy but the tone of it feels a bit out of place with the show for me.

Through them we learn why Rios got all misty eyed before seeing Soji. They drag their heels in order to do it but we learn that Rios prior Captain killed himself which sent him into a breakdown. Captain Vandemere and Rios beamed aboard an Ambassador and his daughter Jannah who we learn looked like Soji.

They were Synths and as Synths were banned the order was given by Commodore Oh who put out a black flag directive to kill them.

The Captain shot them both in cold blood and this caused Rios to fall out with him and this caused the latter to put a phaser in his mouth.

Picard also manages to secure a squadron from Star Fleet in one of the funniest scenes thus far.

Clancy once more gets some of the most unintentionally hilarious lines in the season and watching her tell Picard to shoot the F up killed me. She’s the best…she’s the best.

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