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r/ProRevenge - Ex-Wife FRAMES Me for Theft Because I Won Custody of Our Child! [My Revenge]

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r/prorevenge OP's Ex-wife is a real stand-up gal! In this episode you'll hear how she treats OP when he finds out that she's been sneaking around behind his back! After filing for false restraining orders, she also frames him for theft trying to get him arrested! OP gets some pro revenge with the help of his friends to win custody of his child! Subscribe for future stories.

If you missed the last episode of Pro Revenge, here it is!

???? r/Prorevenge - Boss SLAMS My Leg in a door! I shut down his business!

Stories in this Reddit Pro Revenge video:
0:35 - Wife learns the hard way to not ignore court summons (u/jackcroww)
13:00 - Ex-wife frames me for theft! (u/jackcroww)

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