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Receipts! Bella exposes her exes Tana & Mod Sun on Twitter

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Bella Thorne just went off on Twitter continuing to expose her exes.
So Lili Reinhart deleted a comment about "breakup" with Cole Sprouse but we have it -
Yep that happened! Gigi Hadid is caught again with Tyler Cameron from the Bachelorette -

First it was Mod Sun. Mod tweeted yesterday, “’t use our wedding video to promote ur book. Don’t disrespect my idea of what love Bella wasn’t too happy about this and brought the receipts. but in a reply to that tweet, he asks Bella to show the date of the text. When she didn’t do so immediately, he posted it himself to show the happy texts were from May 2nd. Yesterday, Bella posted on Instagram a series of photos from her insta story that Tana had responded to. Tana later posted a couple of photos of Bella. It seems to be a cautious reunion as Tana even posted a screenshot of a group text and in it Bella announces to the group, “Tana is back in the group. Welcome her back w slightly open arms”

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