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Mystery Sea Mini album Page 6 & fun bag Tutorial 5

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Hello and welcome to my channel
today i like to show you a new serie , this is an album with a kit
so if you like to make exactly the same then please go to my etsyshop

i hope you like it too
so please have fun with the walkthrough
and if you like to join my adventure making this super nice album then please watch my tutorial serie
9 parts
so lots to wach

happy crafting

i made a special video what materials i always use in every video

and i made a video how to change your subtitles in your own language

Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell,
so you don’t miss any of my new videos ?


email : cobra7jr@
Facebook page :
facebook site :
Instagram :
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etsy shop :

love you.
ps: i never say that anything is my idea or invent things ,
i get inspired from so many youtube videos or pinterest same as you do . its all been made before .

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