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MR4DOOR's Widebody Devil Hellcat | OVERDOZE Media

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MR4DOOR's Widebody Devil Hellcat 1000hp
After half a year of staying humble during the global pandemic, Overdoze Media is back with a new content!!!

This time we had a pleasure to work with MR4DOOR's widebody 1000hp Dodge Hellcat in the beautiful city of Tampa.
One interesting fact is that the widebody for this Dodge Hellcat was made by @hardparkperformance company, same person who is the owner of the red widebody Ford Mustang (Nelson's Widebody Devil Mustang) which is our previous video that had a big success.

Starting from TPA (Tampa International Airport) and following with beautiful views of Tampa during the golden hour, this Black Mamba (Dodge Hellcat) will show you that there is no need to tame your demon but instead you should use its capabilities.

Music : MEMPHIS-Atomic

Owner's insta: @MR4door

Our insta: @OVERDOZEMedia

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