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Moe Shop - Superstar (ft.Hentai Dude)

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Superstar by Moe Shop (ft. Hentai Dude)
Visual by fullOanime and Kanauru Productions
Download the Moshi Moshi EP here! :

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[Verse 1]
I’m a hentai superstar
I got 2D hoes they know who we are
We look fresh to death hoppin out the car
Anime girls runnin from here and far
Young senpai got the game on lock
2D girls tryina get up on our jock
Young senpai got the game on lock
Moe shop lemme show you how we

Who you know got stacks on deck
Spendin’ every single dollar on some anime sex
2D booty be my motive for those anime breasts
Lemme see you bend it over while I’m throwing all these checks

Thirteen with a waifu and dream
But now, livin’ it big, with my moe mansion team
All my moutos stayin’ green, while I’m pourin sippin lean
And my shit stay fresh, so hot, so clean

Yeah, senpai grindin all summer
Now it’s 2016, winter game forerunner
Every waifu need lover
Senpai do it undercovers
And she tell me hit it raw
So I’m pullin off the rubbers

Onii-chan be the gunner
Succubus I wanna fuck her
Rub her in between her legs
Feel her clench while we hover… Now
Kouhai let’s take this chance
Lemme see you shake that ass

[Break 1]
One two, baby what it do
We can take it back to my place
Show you what we do like…

[Verse 2]
Anime be elevatin’
2D world be for the takin’
Superstars we in the makin’
And you know we never fakin’
If you tryina come and make it
Then you gotta go and break it
Ain’t no handout in the game
No you gotta go create it

I been straight grindin’ since the boy eighteen
Now I’m 21 and strong with my waifu team
2D girls be my life, man that’s all I breathe
So if you down with movement you can roll wit me, bitch

[Break 2]
Roll with me, ro-roll with me
Roll with me, ro-roll with me

[Verse 3]
All my doujins gotta cop
Yo imouto gimmie top
See me flyin out to LA
Just to buy a body dak’
Hentai girls always on lock
Senpai just can not be stopped
If she ain’t gon’ follow back
Then ima’ hit her wit that block

It’s Hentai Dude and Moe Shop, killin’ 2016
Shoutout to the cute imoutos always reppin our team
It’s Hentai Dude and Moe Shop, killin’ 2016
We gon’ do it for the waifus, keep on livin the dream, yeah

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