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Miss Mistreated - Episode 1 "Two Of A Kind" [Sims 2 Series]

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The Lockridge sisters have reunited.

I've never felt this nervous about uploading an definitely did not come out as I wanted it to, because shocker - not filming or editing for 5 years makes you forget stuff! And thanks, brain fog :"D
This was a fun re-learning experience, though! Hopefully I'll improve as more episodes come out, but for now a few creator notes/ disclaimers:

- There are a few dark flashes throughout the video (only 3 or 4, thank god) & they were not intentional. I think I used a NewBlue effect that fucked it up, but idk tbh :U I was afraid to render it again and risk getting more of them. I'll refrain from using those effects in episode 2 and see what happens.
- You know it's been a long ass while when you forget to change a character's outfit mid so the part with Prismarine spilling soup on Henry was improv born (": Originally he was getting grindr notifications lol
- I'm so sorry if the subtitles go by too fast! This episode had way too much exposition yet too little happening, but rest assured I'll definitely chill with the walls of texts in the future episodes lmaoo
- Over the years I became way too self-critical and while waiting for the release date I kept re-watching this and thinking how lame it feels lsdjflsdg A series centering around twins? Totally hasn't been done a thousand times since 2009 to the point where it's a meme (please watch Luumia's The Hated Twin video, it's peak sims machinima) ...still, I really just wanna have fun with this. I'll try to stop over-analyzing, but I would still appreciate any feedback from you! Constructive criticism is always welcome! Don't bully me tho cuz I'm big baby~
- Special shoutouts to my friend SnapshotOfASoul (), whose tutorials I used to make certain scenes happen and TheOnlyException (), whose animation hacks I kept using throughout the episode! The talent and skills some ppl in this community have, damn!
- The song playing during the scene with Leo and Val is called
Metaphor and I got it from a site with a sweet variety of free music! (tysm queen NatalieFirexx for sharing this in your discord server)

And of course if you have any questions that won't require me to spoil I'll be more than happy to answer them!

Thank you to everyone who stuck around ♥ The comments I got on the last vid were so wholesome and sweet & I'm really grateful ;u;

Okay that's enough of my big mouth, until next time! Which will yet but hopefully not long! I'll update ya! Blame my work schedule and shitty job! Byeeee!

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