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Miracle Conjoined Twins Learning To Walk | BORN DIFFERENT

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CONJOINED TWINS Callie and Carter Torres are now learning to stand on their own two feet – despite doctors originally giving them just 24 hours to live. The now three-year-olds were born as Omphalo-Ischiopagus twins, attached by their pelvic area and sharing all organs from the belly button down, with just one leg each. Mom, Chelsea Torres, and dad, Nick Torres, have been home-schooling the girls for the last two months, focusing on their physical therapy exercises in order to improve their coordination skills. According to Chelsea, doctors usually give conjoined twins around a five percent chance of being born alive and a two percent chance of being alive past 24 hours – so understandably, both Chelsea and Nick are overjoyed with the girls’ current progress.

Follow their story here:

Videographer: Chelsea Torres
Producers: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Beth Angus

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