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Miracle Blow Dry Collection by It’s a 10 Haircare

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It's a 10 Haircare's Miracle Blow dry Collection is your secret to a better blow dry:

It successfully brings the benefits that once only existed as time-consuming treatments into daily use products. It works on ALL hair types, and the products don't require any special skill to use. They're intuitive and can just be the go-to shampoo, conditioner and leave-in styling product for any woman who is adding heat to style her hair.

A few of the key ingredients that make this line unique include:
-Hydrolyzed Quinoa, a natural plant-based protein that strengthens, moisturizes, and enhances shine without adding weight or build up
-Acrylates Copolymer, a high-strength conditioner and shaper that coats the hair shaft for smooth, tangle-free texture and glossy touchable shine
-Citronellol, a lemony scented oil that strengthens hair against environmental hazards and dirt build up
-Panthenol, a natural ingredient to attract water and help expand the size of strands to build volume

Shop the Miracle Blow dry Collection:

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