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Minecraft Parkour with the New Create mod Update

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Minecraft Parkour with the New Create mod Update - The Minecraft Create Mod has been updated from Create to Create which doesn't sound like a huge update, but it actually brought a surprising amount of stuff, such as the Weighted Ejector ( the "launchpad") and the Gantry Carriage!

So to celebrate the new Create mod version, I decided to build a Minecraft Parkour Course! Definitely not as good as the original Parkour with Minecraft Create, but it's pretty alright.

Also, a quick update: The past few weeks I've been working on a much larger adventure map sort of thing, but since I haven't uploaded in almost a month now, I had to come up with something. So here it is - a short parkour course using some of the new create mod elements. This is more of a filler video and I definitely did not spend a lot of time on it, but I hope you enjoyed it regardless :D
Create -
Download the mod for yourself:
Music used:
» Unicorn Heads - The Shining in Dubai
World Download: (please credit me if you want to use it in your own projects!)

Minecraft Create Parkour
Inspired by tubbylumcin.

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