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Marvel's Avengers Is A Mess Of Microtransactions And Battle Passes

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Marvel's Avengers is only looking worse and worse as we hurtle toward its release date. It's beyond clear that Square Enix and associates are looking to turn this thing into a corporate gravy train. Also, it's got lots of battle passes!

Every single post-launch hero will get their own $10 battle pass, which re-contextualizes Square Enix's promise that future updates will be free. While you can earn that money back in the form of pretend currency, that's just part of an overall commitment to exhausting the player with grind.

As well as that, there is a Fortnite-style rotating store with a premium shop full of microtransaction fodder. Square Enix desperately wants you to know it's "just cosmetic" but between this, the battle passes, the exclusivity deals, and corporate sponsorships, Marvel's Avengers is pathetic.

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