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Making Upwork Worth It with Maxi Frini - Jon Kragh Episode 1

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This video is a conversation with Maxi Frini, a talented audio engineer that I discovered on Upwork. Maxi travels the world while making a full-time living doing remote audio production.

Maxi did the impossible for me. He re-engineered a record that my former band Second Chance recorded twenty years ago.

He isolated and tuned my less-than-stellar twenty-year-old vocals without having the original multi-track recording. Audio engineers could not perform this task just two years ago.

He delivered exceptional results, making our unpolished record sound modern and something that I am now proud to share.

Maxi shares with us in this conversation how he went from zero clients to making a full-time living on Upwork.

Contrary to the negative YouTube videos I have seen about Upwork, Maxi found a way to leverage the platform to make a living with an endless supply of work.

His story reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from TD Jakes. "Someone else could take the hand you were dealt and win with it."

Maxi found a way to win and made Upwork worth it.

My key takeaways from this conversation are:

1) Have a vision.
2) There's no substitute for hard work. Maxi did the work by waking up at 4 am to start his vision of doing audio for a living, worked his full-time job for ten hours, then came home to work even more on his vision.
3) Overdeliver. Make your clients feel like they received more value than the cost of the transaction.
4) De-risk by taking entrepreneurial risks while you have a full-time job.
5) It's less about the quality of your tools and more about how efficient you are producing excellent results with your tools

This is episode one of the Jon Kragh podcast. Subscribe for more.

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