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Major Floods in Cagayan, Isabela, & Other Parts of the Philippines - Nov. 11 / 14, 2020

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Philippine coastguard and disaster agencies scrambled on Saturday to rescue thousands of people in a northern province flooded by Typhoon Vamco, the which left at least 42 people dead after sweeping across the country on Wednesday night.

Dozens of towns in the Cagayan region northeast of the capital Manila remain submerged, affecting thousands of families, some of whom fled to rooftops to escape two-storey high floods, officials said.

The coastguard sent teams of rescue personnel, vehicles and rubber boats to Tuguegarao early on Saturday, and will bring in more help from nearby provinces, said coastguard commandant George Ursabia.

Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Philippines’ Red Cross, said the organisation had also deployed rescue teams to the area, while volunteers on the ground in Cagayan were providing hot meals and assistance to people forced out of their homes by the floods.

The accumulated effect of successive storms – Vamco was the Philippines 21st typhoon this year – as well as water from a dam and higher plains increased flooding in Cagayan province, the disaster agency said. The nearby Magat Dam released water on Friday equivalent to two Olympic-size pools per second, government data showed.

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