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It was a roller coaster this week in the world of cruising. With a COVID-19 outbreak on the first cruise back in the Caribbean, there was certainly some negative cruise news. Still, major cruise lines also had some positive updates to share. Catch up with all of the cruise updates and cruise headlines in our latest edition of major Cruise News for November 15th.

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Social media was dominated by reports of the SeaDream 1, the first ship to return to cruising in the Caribbean. It started with photos from the cruise showing face masks were not been being worn by crew or passengers. After travelers on the ship defended the cruise line’s decision, given a rigorous testing protocol, news broke of an ill passenger with COVID. By the end of the week, 7 out of 53 passengers tested positive for COVID-19, and the cruise was abruptly ended.

We share our opinions regarding this unfortunate incident and would love to know your take regarding this cruise news story in the comments below.

In more encouraging cruise headlines, Royal Caribbean opened sign-ups for volunteers to participate in the line’s simulated voyages. Thousands of eager cruisers signed up on Day 1 willing to be among the first to board an RCL ship once again. This opportunity is open to passengers 18 years or older, but keep in mind that the cruise will include a number of safety drills. Further, all passengers will need to test negative for COVID-19 on the day of embarkation and again on disembarkation.

In other major cruise ship news, Celebrity Cruises announced a new pricing structure that will take effect next week. The new “Always Included” prices will now include a classic beverage package, basic WiFi for two devices, and daily service charges. This move puts the cruise line on par with other luxury cruise lines. We will be tracking the prices to see how they change now that the line has these added inclusions.

Carnival Cruise Line made cruise news this week as well. The line confirmed that the first two cruise ships that will return to operations will be Carnival Breeze and Carnival Horizon. The ships will sail from Port of Miami and Port Canaveral once cruising resumes. The line has not made any official word yet as to when the cruises will set sail or what the itineraries will be for these first voyages.

Lastly, Norwegian Cruise Line announced a brand new docuseries. EMBARK will detail the cruise line's return to cruising. The first two episodes focus on the brand's award winning entertainment. The first episode, which will air on November 19th, will include the first reunion of the Choir of Man cast since the cruise shutdown back in March. We can’t wait to check out future episodes as Norwegian Cruise Line prepares to return to cruising.

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