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???? Love Riddles That Are Too Hard For Geniuses!

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Boost your brain with a cool set of love riddles that are too hard for geniuses! It's a great chance to test your logical skills and improve your intelligence. Check these tricky brain teasers out and try to solve at least half of them right! If you can solve all the brain games, then your IQ is above average ;)

00:14 - Can you find her lover? Use your logic to solve this tricky riddle!
01:07 - Is there a lover? Boost your attentiveness with these fun visual puzzles ;)
02:12 - How many hearts do you see? Test your attentiveness and math skills with these easy but tricky visual games!
04:33 - How many letters do you see? Boost your brain with these fun picture riddles!
05:55 - Who is his lover? Another brainy puzzle that will check your logical thinking!
07:12 - Which proposal is fake? A short quiz that will test your critical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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