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LEGO NINJAGO Miracle Whip (The Secret Whip)

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Sometimes, for one reason or another, we start a Ninjago remix and then decide to go a different direction. We’ve been saving these alternate versions, until now!

This one was feeling really cool when we were working on it in the basement, but didn’t totally fit the vibe of the season once we started playing it for the animation team, and so we collectively decided to put this one in our back pocket and pivot in a different direction to work on what came to be “The Wicked Whip” instead.

In hindsight, I can see that we never would have arrived at the version we did without first crafting the verse you hear in this song… the similarities are there, if you listen closely. So, it was a WIN/WIN — because now we get to enjoy both versions out there in the Digiverse!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… The Miracle Whip!

~Dan and George of The Fold

This video contains footage from Season 11, Episode 10 "Ancient History"
More info here:

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