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Latest Video Game News, Silent Hill Reboot Rumour Resurfaces

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Welcome to ImmersiveWorldsGaming, your one-stop-shop for this week's slice of essential video game news. Here, we only cover the most immersive of stories, so stick with us for an unmissable dose of gaming news content.

Before we begin, don't forget to savagely mutilate that subscribe button with either your affection, your loving fist, or whatever instrument you have to hand. All jokes aside, any support for the channel helps tremendously, so thank you.

In today's video game news, we examine the credibility of a Silent Hill reboot, and whether rumors that have recently resurfaced, are real.

Again, please pulverize that subscribe button with pure persuasiveness, and until next time, I'll be seeing you, friends, folks, or whatever transient form you may take.

I love you all!

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