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Italy in Lockdown, Robot Hand Sanitiser & Young Skater Olympian - Today's Biggest News

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The whole country of Italy is now in lockdown. The Prime Minister has asked the whole country to stay at home. It affects a whopping 60 million people, and it's all to stop the spread of COVID-19. After China, Italy has been the country worst-hit by the virus and officials are trying really hard to stop it spreading. That's why the whole population is on lockdown until the 3rd of April. It's weirdly quiet in places that are normally packed with people.

The lockdown started with just the North of Italy, but now it's everywhere. All public gatherings are banned, people can't go to the movies, or the gym, or to weddings. The country's pro soccer leagues, which have been played with no crowds, won't be played at all now until next month, and the Pope, for the first time, live-streamed his Sunday prayers. People are only allowed to travel if they have a really good work or family reason. While some people are frustrated, the government says it just wants to keep its population safe.

Kids at a school in Taiwan have found an interesting way to fight COVID-19. They've turned their Lego kits into robots that spray hand sanitiser. Yep, you can walk up to one of these student-designed inventions, have it shout something at you, and come away with freshly clean hands.

Two brand new Thorny Devil Lizards have been born at the Alice Springs Wildlife Park. Thorny Devils are iconic in Central Australia, and they're pretty cool creatures. You have to be careful driving around the streets of Alice Springs though. These slow movers can take about half an hour just to cross the road. If you do see them though, just leave them alone and let them cross by themselves. An interesting fact about the Thorny Devil is that they can stand on moist soil and suck up all of the water straight from their legs!

Imagine making the Olympics and then having to convince your mum to let you go. Sky Brown will be Britain's youngest ever Olympian, competing in skateboarding at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Sky has been surfing and skating since she was 3 years old and spends half the year skating in California and the other half Surfing in Japan. She says she'd love to win gold at the Olympics but is just going to have fun and try her best.

A cat museum in Poland features thousands of cat-themed things from around the world.

When your mate brings a big, old birthday present to your party that's exciting, right? Unless it's actually just a big pile of toilet paper. It's become rather sought after in Australia lately, so at least the birthday boy won't have to worry about buying it for oh, at least another month? Depending on square usage.

A giant seagull gate crashed a reporter's live news cross.


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