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(Insane Demon) Cyber Chaos by Hinds

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Was gonna do this as a race with Easter but he had to go and I beat it shortly after. Not that bad and I tried it over a year ago on 144 so I'm glad I finished it. Pretty fun overall but the first half is noticibly harder (especially the beginning of the drop until 40%).

Level Name: Cyber Chaos by Hinds
ID: 18674844
My demon rating system:
1/10: Shouldn't be demon
2/10: Extremely easy demon
3/10: Easy demon
4/10: Hard easy demon - easy medium demon
5/10: Medium demon
6/10: Hard demon
7/10: Very hard - insane demon
8/10: Insane demon
9/10: Very hard insane demon
10/10: Extreme demon.
My rating: 6/10
My enjoyment rating: 7/10
Attempts: 458 (1446 counting old attempts)
Best part: 43-87
Worst part: 37%
Hardest part: 70-72
Worst death: 85%
Place on list (as of upload): 240 (legacy list)
My opinion: N/A
Raw Footage Policy: If you want me to show raw footage I will upload it and put it in a pinned comment.
Note: I do not own any music used in this video
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