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Hunted Pt. 2 - Short Film (Thriller)

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Thank You for watching Hunted !

The second part of Hunted picks up immediately after the first with Alex seeking answers and coming to terms with his new reality.

I apologize if some scenes seemed rushed and aren’t as good. While editing I spilled water on my laptop and lost some key footage that would’ve made the film better. So majority of the film are secondary shots that I wasn’t planning on using. I’m still in the beginning stages of learning filmmaking and I’m working on getting better and learning more. I’d appreciate feedback, good or bad so I can continue to get better and know what to look for when creating future projects.

Behind The Scenes/Blooper footage will be coming out soon on this channel so stayed tuned in the coming weeks

Hunted is a three part story and part three requires a BIG cast so if you are interested in acting as a lurker or in another film of mine in the future then contact me: hundoinquiries@ or Dm @iamchundo

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina

C Hundo -
Joshua Symes -
Davier Williams -
Elias Roberts -
Naiya Haywood -

(I forgot to put Naiya in the end credits and by the time I realized it was to late so DOUBLE s/o to Naiya lol)

Andre Archer -
E’Money -
AJ -
Matthew Johnson -

Javier Pizarro -

(Mentioned in the film credits but I’m going to get copyrighted anyways)

Again Thank You for taking your time to watch my film!

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