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How to Make a Spotify Canvas Video - Tutorial, Tips, and Editing Template with Right Dimensions

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Spotify Canvas Template:

Learn how to edit a Spotify Canvas video using a template, which is perfectly sized and will export in the right format. You worked hard on your songs, make them shine with a great canvas video. This tutorial walks you through the template and then gives some tips and ideas for making cool videos.

Specs for a Spotify Canvas video
Ratio: 9:16
Height: At least 720 px
Length: 3-8 seconds
File Format: MP4 or JPG only

How to Make A Spotify Canvas Video
1) Open the template (linked above)
2) upload your footage and adjust the size
3) Trim your clips to 3-8 seconds
4) Click export to download
5) Open the Spotify for Artists account, go to your music tab, select the song you want, and upload your canvas.

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