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Healed In Dwarkamai | Sai Baba Miracle

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In this video, Sada Ghode talks about the time he used to volunteer for Seva activities for Baba, be it sweeping the temple floor or doing the Dhuni Seva. Dr. Vinny had pointed him on this path, saying that the more Seva one does, the closer one goes towards Baba.

During Aartis, Sada regularly met a gentleman who had been sent by his company to do some waterproofing work for the Sansthan. This man was suffering from a skin problem, eczema, which slowly started improving, and by the time the waterproofing work was completed, he had healed completely. He believed that he had some Rinanubandhan with Baba from a previous lifetime, which is why he served Baba in the temple in this lifetime, and the only reason why Baba called him to Shirdi was for his eczema to be cured there.

Chapters in this film:
0:00 - Intro (Please enable captions) (कैप्शन सक्षम करें)
0:40 - Seva activities for ten years
1:14 - Seva takes us closer to Baba
2:08 - Suffering from a skin problem
2:30 - Skin condition improves gradually
3:17 - Fully healed
4:19 - Outro (Please support our work)

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