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GTA Online: Insuring the buzzard

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Hey guys, here is the video for insuring the buzzard following on from getting it inside your garage. FYI: you might as well mute the video, YT shitty copyright prevented the audio i had in place and made me replace it with trash.

The steps are as follows:

1. Once your buzzard is in the garage, get a random vehicle, go to LSC & insure it.
2. Drive your car into your garage, and drive back out again.
3. Blow the car up and go back into your garage.
4. Select Mors Mutual insurance and call them as you get into the buzzard, IMPORTANT: Do not press X (PS3) on the car from Mors Mutual, just leave the menu open and press R2 to exit the garage.
5. In the cutscene the menu will pop up, now you can press X straight away & wait for your heli to teleport outside.
6. Park your buzzard as i do in the video, get out & make sure you tap X to leave the door open!
7. Leave your garage and go to the heli, Use a gun to walk backwards and get in your heli and you now have an insured buzzard!

Credit to: Tidoman for his post in on how to insure vehicles

As well as others from that same thread on GTAForums

Heres the link to the first video: How to get a buzzard in your garage

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