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From the Vault: Lee-Enfield Sniper Rifle

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Brownells Gun Techs and firearm historians Keith Ford and Steve Ostrem are again at the Rock Island Auction Company to show us a nicely preserved example of a late World War II British army SMLE No. 4 Mk I sniper rifle. "SMLE" is the British army's shorthand for "Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield" rifle (actually pronounced "smelly" by many troops). This particular rifle was built by BSA Gunworks, hand-selected for its inherent accuracy, and modified to sniper configuration by a little British gun-making firm you might have heard of - Holland & Holland. It has an original No. 32 Mk III 3x scope with a detachable mount, a small cheek riser screwed to the comb of stock, that's about it for modifications from a standard-issue Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I. Rock Island's rifle is a documented ORIGINAL, not a later conversion, that includes its original case and bayonet. The SMLE had a unique bolt position that made it particularly easy to operate FAST and lay down a whole lotta lead at an enemy position. Steve explains the manual of arms that enabled troops to do this.

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