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FNF Week 6 - The Pissed-Off Senpai Mod (ft. Optional new dialogue) - SHOWCASE

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This stemmed from a YouTube comment saying something along the lines of making a much more pissed senpai for thorns. I took this as a challenge to try and achieve no dice. I’ve seen a person replace spirit with angry senpai, but I figured if I was going to do a much more pissed off senpai for thorns, I’d have to do a lot of xml edits and really fine tune it. I got unmotivated about mid way through editing the files so I instead settled for slightly more pissed off senpai instead.

It’s just a very minor sprite edit, also I suck at roses so don’t expect top notch gameplay. It’s just to showcase the sprites and stuff. So yeah! Pissed off Senpai mod ft. optional new dialogue! If you want to know when this will become downloadable, I plan to do it sometime tomorrow (Friday) or over the weekend. Do what you want with it lol, it’s my first time properly modding the game’s sprites.

Gettin’ freaky on a Thursday night lol

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