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Extreme fun vlog with family | House made of containers | A day in our life

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Hiiii all ❤ In this video, you guys will see how we enjoyed in swimming pool with our It was more like a picnic for Jaanu loves being in water as she is learning swimming and she loves to Shivani ENJOYS So we thought why not have fun in swimming This vlog was filmed when we reached 500K so we shared those memories with y'all and how we celebrated it ???? We have also showed you a container house which ia nothing but a house made of It's Ram's dad's friend's We enjoyed every moment being We also have visited our guest house in The day was filled with joy and We hope you enjoyed with You should see febbie's atrocities in the He lovedd To not miss any fun, please watch the full video and share your favorite moment with us ???? Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos with your friends so that they can enjoy ❤????

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