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(Extreme Demon) Tenth Circle 100% VERIFIED! by DeniPol | Geometry Dash

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It's a new level from DeniPol, who is well-known as a really skilled creator in GD community. first, let you know about the informations of this. it's based on nine circles series which was incredibly popular from to so that a lot of creators had built countless remakes then, so there are most wave parts on it and it's the main factor which makes the level harder as well. the first predrop is like a hard or insane demon difficulty, however the rest is :)
i tried to balance the whole parts to make the final version more playable really hard since he's asked me to verify it because the original one was kinda unbalanced and stressful somehow. i'm pretty sure it'll be a good challenge for someone who wants to play somewhat different kind of NC levels, hope you all like this level :3
I have no idea where it should be placed because i just really enjoyed verifying, it's nearly 100-110 imo

BIG thanks to DeniPol for giving me an opportunity to verify it, it was a big honor and i'd really good time on it as well :3

"Tenth Circle" by DeniPol (Extreme Demon)
ID: 62592746
DeniPol's Channel:

Hope you guys like & enjoy the video! :)
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