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EXCLUSIVE - FIREWORK by Kurumi [Top 1 Demon] | Geometry Dash

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Firework is the next top 1 demon, to be verified by Kurumi, the current world record holder for the most completed Extreme Demons. Kurumi reached out to me a while ago, after I commented on one of his progress videos and asked me if I wanted an exclusive copy of the level to do a practice run and upload a video on my initial reaction to the level. And all I can say is damn. This level is absolutely brutal. I have never tried something even remotely this difficult, and seeing as Kurumi's current best is 68%, I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as a player. Absolutely insane. I don't see myself ever attempting this, for obvious reasons, but it will be cool to see if people will attempt to beat this going forth. If I were to make a prediction, I would guess that it would dethrone Bloodlust as the longest standing top 1 of all time, as I just cannot see anyone beating anything harder. I think this will be peak difficulty if verified in it's current state.

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