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This was a fun little project I started like a week and a bit ago :) I just felt like beating all of hinds's demons, and lo and behold, I had none of them completed already, making this a very fun grind. All of the levels were honestly really fun to play, with the exception of the first 40% or so of Cyber Chaos, which was my least favourite of the 13 levels I played. I had some issues with Pixel Thingy as well, as you can see because it is the only level I spent more than a day completion. Mostly down to bad luck and lack of focus however. All the levels were incredibly fun to play though, and I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who has the skill level to rather easily complete harder levels.
Hinds levels consist of 5 insane demons, 7 hard demons and 1 medium demon, so it's certainly not something to scuff at!

Breakthrough - 0:08 - 1:52
9Step - 1:52 - 3:40
Resurrection - 3:41 - 5:27
Dance Massacre - 5:28 - 7:09
Firewall - 7:10 - 9:02
9Theory - 9:03 - 11:06
Night Terrors - 11:07 - 12:45
Psychosis - 12:46 - 14:48
Taken - 14:49 - 16:30
Cyber Chaos - 16:31 - 18:17
Spectrum Switch - 18:18 - 20:06
Diffuse - 20:07 - 21:42
Pixel Thingy - 21:43 - 24:04

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