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EnterTRAINment Junction Christmas in July 2020

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Let some Christmas Cheer get you through the Summer Heat!
Chill out from July 1st thru July 31st with EnterTRAINment’s - Christmas in July.
During our Christmas in July event you can visit EnterTRAINment and have an early check up with Santa himself*. Unfortunately, Santa won’t be able to visit in person due to international travel restrictions. After all, the North Pole is at…well… the North Pole. So, kids can chat with him, in a virtual face-to-face on our exclusive new “ZoomFace” system.
Plus beat the heat! It’s always a cool 72 degrees inside the Junction so bring the whole gang over because there’s something to do for every age.
Buy Now online and save!
* included with Do-It-All admission. Santa will call in from noon to 6pm daily with a 30 minute mid-afternoon.

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