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Don't Touch Him! - BTS Hoseok Werewolf Oneshot (7 Days of BTS)

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Thank you so much for watching! I will be working on Mate next after this, and it should be the next video I post. Then I will finish up My Shy Classmate, and then I should finally be finished with the Yoongi video I have planned. I was also planning on making a Valentine's Day video along with another video for Hoseok’s birthday, so I don’t know if those will come out before or after My Shy Classmate and Yoongi’s video. They will all come out eventually though, and I hope you enjoy them all!
I do not own any of the images or music in this video

Y/n has always been more dominant than all the other females that she knows, and she couldn’t help but worry about if her mate would accept her. Luckily, her mate is Jung Hoseok, a male wolf who was known for being more submissive than all the other males in their pack, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his overprotective side too. When Y/n leaves to carry out her mission for the pack, she has to learn to control her jealousy, but what happens if she can’t?

Bts - Save Me piano cover

Bts - Home piano cover

Bts - Jamais Vu piano cover

Bts - Magic Shop piano cover

Bts - LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel 起 piano cover

Bts - Singularity piano cover

Bts - Promise piano cover

Red Velvet - Psycho (melancholy ver.) piano cover

Bts - Fake Love piano cover

Bts - Just Dance piano cover

Bts - Promise music box version

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