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DOJ Holds Press Conference on Colonial Pipeline Case - Remains Silent on Insurrection Investigation

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Today we learned that the Department of Justice is still capable of holding a press conference to update the American people on the status of a pending investigation. Specifically, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monoco briefed the American people about an update in the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

The problem is, We The People have had complete radio silence on the status of the criminal investigation into those who funded, organized and incited the insurrectionist attack on the US Capitol on January 6. While DOJ remains silent, the inciter-in-chief, Donald Trump, continues his dangerous, reckless rhetoric.

It is often said that the Department of Justice is the people's law firm. However, the American people seem to have been left out of the equation. The lack of information from the DOJ leads to frustration. Frustration leads to distrust. This must change. DOJ MUST begin to communicate with the hundreds of millions of Americans, reassuring us that those responsible for funding, organizing, leading and inciting the insurrection will be held accountable.

One correction: when relating the title of Steven Beschloss's piece I inadvertently said "insurrection" rather than "investigation." Apologies to Steven Beschloss for what likely was my Freudian slip.

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