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deadman - NIGHTMARE

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NIGHTMARE by deadman (Official Audio)

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Lyrics :

(demons taught me we don’t fight fair
you can find me standing right here
right inside this nightmare)

on the edge and i don’t care because i like fear
dying young was never more than just a light scare
i been drowning feeling stuck inside this nightmare
feeling hollow and i know you see it quite clear
love that buzz it got me floating like i’m lightyear
i can barely feel a thing inside this nightmare

besties with the fucking reaper
sleep with death but she’s a teaser
call me ace i need my dealers
drinking till i got amnesia
feeling low i might get high
cuz i get numb just to get by
been fucking up and wasting time
been through too much so i can’t cry
i’m lonely, got lots of problems
thc that’s how i solve em
grabba brown like leaves in autumn
feeling sad and mad so often
my heart stay black like polish
evil words just bring me solace
skeletons kept in my closet
me and grim still make deposits

insecure cuz love feels fake
can’t trust words that come from snakes
life can’t give cuz it just takes
i’ve got no fucks to give away
might find peace but the chance looks slim
cuz i can’t see straight when the lights get dim
my lungs still burn but i like that sting
i hurt myself to feel something
it’s cold so my heart got froze
from staying up late in my mind with ghosts
sipping on rum so the pain still flows
and i hide my scars but the pain still shows
insane please get the fuck out the way
losing my mind haven’t seen it in days
living in limbo it all feels the same
i been here for so long idk when i’ll change


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