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Day 2 Bitcoin Miami Conference Highlights - key takeaways and info you need to know

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Day 2 Bitcoin Miami Conference Highlights -

0:00 Bitcoin Miami Day #2 Summary
0:30 Mike Novogratz
GS, MS JP Morgan all coming into tent
Narrative as a SOV was accelerated by C19
Still up 33% on the year
BTC is an 80 Vol Asset - mainline it!
SPX is 15 Vol
Gold is 8 Vol
Start with 2-3% in your portfolio
Human capital Q is raising by the week
Open-Mindedness has happened
Global Reserve Asset in 24 mths

A sovereign will buy BTC in next 12-24 mths
Pound Sterling 98% devaluation in 70 years.
150M people have it - most distributed asset in history
Never been a brand built this fast with this much distn

2:00 Mike Belshe
BTC is clearly the best SOV
That gets people excited
That makes it global
For payments, it is too volatile right now
Oppty to change the way the FS SYstem works
Get safer as it gets bigger
VIX goes down as it gets bigger

3:00 Mike & Mike BTC Tailwinds
It is all tailwinds
Will help us evolve to clean energy
Institutions are coming

4:00 Preston Pysh
POS is more of the same
Everything on the planet is mispriced
I like the idea of stable coin paying 10% and USD paying nothing
QE & Bidding Bonds to the moon is bid into asset prices = UBI for middle class and then people don't show up for work

5:00 Jeff Booth
180t to produce 46t
Then $ a CD - now $ for unlimited music - efficiency should be moving broadbased to all populations = fair world
Tech has made inflation negative 3%
If rates go up everything will burn to the ground - therefore QE is forever
We are living in a world where we are corrupting money
AI and Centralized control is the future and bitcoin is the opposite

6:00 Mark Yusko
Keep Calm we'll print more
Plan since 1913 steal all wealth and hand to top of people in food chain thru inflation

7:00 Greg Foss
Debt Spiral - grade 11 Math
Debt is now 4x global GDP at 3% int = 12% that means global economy needs to grow at 12%
Money needs to be printed - BTC is the best asymmetric trade oppty in 30 years
Even If BTC chance of going to zero is 95% I am still buying BTC
BTC is Digital Energy
Russia selling natural energy for Sh Coin
Energy in 10 yrs will be priced in BTC and BTC will become reserve Asset of the world

To keep pace with the organic growth of the numerator
Treat currency for exchange, keep BTC for SOV - Exp Value is so exciting it is a rounding error.

8:00 Mining: Frank Holmes, Jason Les, Fred Thiel, Kevin O'Leary
Buying Bitcoin on an ATM is a new way for people to send money - not using WU or Moneygram
HUT8 CEO - we will never take single coin off my BS - buy my stock never sell it and you have BTC exposure
Own printing press over buying books
Miners will hold as long as they can
Hashrate increases 40-50% a year and hence they need to increase infrastructure 40-50% a year
BTC Industry has no voice - good or bad? Miners educate regulators
Audience says no voice!

9:00 Robert Breedlove
Most imp invention in human history
An asset is a relationship between the owner and the asset
BTC is first property with full rights - that you have full rights and responsibilities to that asset
Every time a dollar is printed that is a property violation on every person that owns a dollar
The Fed is stealing our property and our time

10:00 Jimmy Song
Property right is most basic human right
Every evil regime is when the govt decides what is morale
BTC is a natural law of money
FIAT is used to control
"The current system is a cesspool of theft and cronyism" -Jimmy Song
USD is Res Currency - everytime dollar expands the world is getting robbed!

11:00 Guy Hirsch
Bitcoin is a natural right to own property and defend wealth
Digital migration to a new paradigm without risking your lives
It will save lives at the end of the day - this is the moral case for BTC

12:00 Lyn Alden
Dollar is only currency to buy commodities in emerging markets
When revenue is in local currency and debt is in a stronger currency it causes a huge mismatch that destroys countries
Those who were hurt in the past are moving to BTC as a reserve
Cantillon effect has to change

13:00 Mike Novogratz Part II
150M BTC Users (2%)
Paul Tudor Jones - a year ago investing into BTC - Hedge Funds
Insurance Co MassMutual - other 45 are coming
Allocation 2-3-4-5% of investment will not happen overnight but it is coming

14:00 Paul tudor jones huge breakthru - storytellers are more prevalent
Bulk of wealth is held by 50-80 year olds mged by Fin Advisors. Not going to change over nite. MS has 12K Fin Advisors now selling BTC

15:00 Charles Cascarilla
First out of the first inning
We are early
770T of assets and what % is on the blockchain? ZERO!
We started to go from early adopter to Main Street

15:30 Hong Fang
16:00 Sam Bankman-Fried

17:00 Jack Mallers - CEO of Zap

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