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♑ Capricorn *A Miracle*

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Hello and thank you for allowing me the space and time to read for you, likes, shares, subscribes, members, bookings, & donations

These readings are for entertainment purposes only.
These are general collective messages so it may or may not resonate with you only take the messages that do resonate with you and leave the rest
Energies are fluid so you may have to switch the roles also if you are not experiencing what I am picking up it could be someone around you who is
Time is an illusion so these are timeless readings.
Only love and light is welcome here thank you.

My personal readings are $60 ($75 for right now readings)
I do them via phone call. Please allow 20-30 minutes for the reading.
Payments can be made at I also have a Zelle
It is your reading and I like to make it as personal as possible by doing it your way whether that is just seeing what ever comes out, or asking a specific question. If at any point in time you want to stop me to add or ask something please by all means do so.
And lastly no background information is needed, though if you do want to give me a back story we can do that at the time of your reading.
For booking availability please email me at truthbetoldintuitions@
*DISCLAIMER I hold the right to deny booking an appointment if I don't like the energy or if I am taking some time off. I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS!!!! But I do offer reschedueling options within reason.

To become a member of the channel:

Donations can be made at

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Stay Blessed & Beautiful


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