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BURG Session Template 05 - (Goodbye 2020 and Happy New Year!)

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Album info:

Continuing my plans going into 2021 and the writing of my new album, with this i will be posting template jam sessions to YouTube from which I will base and recreate the final tracks. These jam sessions are in no way finalised tracks, but you will be able to hear the main ideas before i start fine tuning the details.

If you join my patreon there will be behind the scenes materials, bonus tracks, stems, sound packs from these sessions and also a possibility to remix the future shortlist single for my release. You will be able to follow the creation of the entire album from idea to final product.

Track info:

Session 05 is a bit more upbeat style track, the idea was to use the Erebus as main theme, to showcase its nice creamy dub style together with the RE-20 space echo and a huge modulated reverb in the empress really hit the spot.

Also, i wanted to dial it back a bit and make it a tad more minimal than the other tracks. Running at 115 bpm it is still pretty dense, so i hope there is air enough between the sounds making it enjoyable.

Make sure to have a happy new year everyone, i hope that 2021 will bring more music and less chaos. Stay safe all and do something nice for someone today !! Peace !



* Erebus (sequenced by force), main theme + RE-20 space echo and empress reverb
* AKAI force, main kicks + percussion/stabs and sinus low end bass 1
* AKAI force also does the phaser string pads
* Elektron Digitakt, hhs, additional percussion and one dubby stab
* Elektron Digitone, melodies/strings
* Roland TR-707, closed HH and toms
* Avalon Bassline, square melody
* Volca Bass ( sequenced by force ) saw low end bass 2
* Volca Keys + MS70CDR , melody pad


* Furthrrr generator through Clouds, FM style melody controlled by Pressure points
* Intellijel Plonk, clap style percussion
* Intellijel / Noise Tools, White noise, hh style percussion + Ripples VCF
* MI Rings, random melody sequence
* Modulation by Pams, Quadrax and planar 2
* Eloquencer, main sequencer

All is recorded live in one take down on 2-track, Zoom H5. Post processing in DAW, compressor and limiter with Izotope 7 plugins.


#DreadboxErebus #AKAIforce #VolcaKeys

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